Doing the tourist thing… Angkor Temples

You can’t visit Cambodia without exploring the temples of Angkor, they date back to the 7th century and were built over 600 years & are synonymous with Cambodia, so off I went with Lin my tuktuk driver into the human oven on a 6 hour expedition…

I may have slightly under estimated just how big this was & how much walking was involved, I guess the fact you can buy a 3 day pass should have been a clue! I done the short circuit and covered the main Temples of Ta Prohm (where tomb raider was shot), Bayon Temple & a few smaller ones & ended up at the main Angkor Wat temple just in time for sunset. You’re free to roam around just about everywhere which is great as I love a bit of exploring off the beaten track. It obviously goes without saying just how impressive the temples are, the intricate detailed stone carving still standing from thousands of years ago is seriously impressive, but I’ll be honest after a few hours of taking it all in one temple starts to look pretty much like the next one and with the amount of tourists around its hard to get great shots of them, so I thought it would be far more interesting to see what the tourists of the Temples were up to, which was actually just as fascinating😄…


And now for the Temples themselves… First up a few from Ta Prohm & Bayon

Seriously impressed at the detailed carvings in this wall (& so we’re all the tourists in the shot above)

And then over to the main attraction, Angkor Wat for sunset…
Now this place had a different feel altogether, it was built in the 12th century and is the biggest religious monument in the world, it’s surrounded by a massive moat and is just absolutely stunning, especially at sunset. Cambodian families are chilling out all the all along the grass riverbank with picnics, BBQ’s & drinks, and there’s Cambodian music playing in the background, you just get a really good feel being in this place, & no rain or clouds tonight so I actually got the sunset shot 🙏


So there you have it, my day at the Temples, if you’re ever in Cambodia you obviously have to pay them a visit but just make sure you wear good walking shoes, this is probably the most steps I’ve ever done in a single day in my life! So I clearly earned a foot massage yesterday 👌🏻.

Doing the tourist thing… Angkor Temples

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