Summing it all up

Well I’ve been back on UK soil for a few days & almost getting used to flushing paper down the toilet again 😄 & have been reflecting on the whole experience, is it what I expected, did I get out of it what I wanted? So thought it would be a good way to round it all off with a final blog update…

I’m sitting here (in a coffee shop, where else!) feeling unbelievably thankful for the opportunity to have experienced what I just have over the past few months & to have been able to make just a small difference to people’s lives who really need it. I’ve asked myself why did I do this in the first place & what did I want from the experience & I can summarise it into these 6 things:

1. Adventure!
2. Live the Asian culture
3. Help people worse off
4. Work with children
5. Test of personal strength
6. Meet new people

I’ve got more than I could ever have hoped for from the past few months & I’ve come back feeling refreshed, knowing myself a little bit better & knowing what’s truly important in life. When you see people with so few material things in their life yet are some of the happiest, grateful people you’ll ever meet it really makes you step back and think about things differently, that’s one of the things I’ve learnt from the Cambodian culture & I hope I can bring just a little bit back to the UK & stop buying so much ‘stuff’! I might just need reminded of this now & then 😉. I’ll definitely continue to support the school however I can, when you see how far your donation money went & the difference it can make over there you can’t help but want to continue to support them, something as little as the price of a coffee would fund sending 2 kids to the school for a month, imagine the difference that could make to their lives & future, that’s a few less coffees for me!


Some of the things I’ll miss…
1. Browns breakfast & coffee, I actually have to cook my own breakfasts again 😩
2. Banana chips, I pretty much survived off these by the bulk load, bloody lovely they come in all sorts of flavours, sweet, chill, basil, pepper 😋
3. Street food smells, nothing better than the smells of cooked meat on a stick everywhere you go, suppose I’ll have to make do with next door’s BBQ
4. And obviously goes without saying I’ll miss all of the kids & their smiling faces everyday, ‘goodbye teacher, good luck for you, good dreams for tonight’, who’s going to chant that to me at the end of everyday??

And some of the things I’ll not miss…
1. Toilets, thank god for actual toilets I can sit on & flush 🙏
2. The human oven & sweating like I didn’t think was possible, although on the plus side I got a free sauna every day
3. Mosquito bites & having to deet up before you leave the hotel every day,thank god for tiger balm
4. Leaving the house & not having 5 or 6 guys shouting ‘tuktuk lady?’ at me

Well its definitely been a pretty special couple of months, signing off now & back to normality next week, until the next time…

Summing it all up

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